Organization Chart

Internal Department

        Kasetsart Agricultural and Agro-Industrial Product Improvement Institute (KAPI) divided the into 3 departments and 1 office as below. 

Biomass and Bioenergy Technology Department, consisting with 5 units as follows: 

1) Starch, Sugar and Rice Technology Laboratory 

      Researching and developing starch, sugar and rice technology by producing and improving performance of Sugar Industry in Thailand. Producing a byproduct of sugar extraction including natural latex research and processed latex product development.
       More information: (+66) 02-9428600-3, 02-940-5634 


2) Natural Fiber, Paper, and Textile Technology Laboratory 

        Researching and developing agricultural raw materials utilization for textiles industry by focusing on produced the fiber for textiles industry, textiles chemistry, spinning and weaving and paper industry. Emphasis is placed on developing the optimum utilization of wood and non-wood fibers for pulp production including the use of various types of waste paper for paper industry activities and improving quality and efficiency in the local paper industry. Focuses on the utilization of biomass in agriculture and agro-industry to produce the pulp using a process that does not affect the environment. To the production of paper by hand in both Thai, Japanese and Western styles. The resulting paper can be used in handicrafts, packaging, and making special paper with properties suitable for specific uses. 
      More information: (+66) 02-9428600-3 ext. 601-605 


3) Herbs and Bioactive Compounds Technology Laboratory 

      Researching and developing on the utilization of natural extracts from herbs including natural leftover materials to increase product value that meets standard and has been accepted both domestic and international. Including continuously developing herb research standard development for academic excellence. Involving academic services and technology transfer to expand the research into society on extracts and essentials oil’s basic chemistry and processes. Developing, quality assurance and utilization of plant-based products.
      More information: (+66) 02-9428600-3 ext. 401-407 


4) Natural Rubber and Biopolymer Technology Laboratory

      Developing the polymer and natural rubber researches on utilization and value-added of natural fibers by mix together such as silk and cotton to improve textile feature and production of composite materials of various fibers and polymers such as Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polycaprolactone and Polylactide to produce biodegradablenaturally materials and improve physical and mechanical properties. 
      More information: (+66) 02-9428600-3, 02-940-5634


5) Energy Crops and Fast Growing Tress Laboratory 

      Researching and developing industrial energy crops focused on fast growing trees that have useful potential. Developing plantation’s powerful system and management. Improving utilization to achieve the maximum value as well as the effects of various fast-growing plantation system on environment to evaluate social and economic returns. 
      More information: (+66) 02-9428600-3 ext. 101 

Nano-Technology and Biotechnology Department, consisting with 4 units as follows: 

1) Plant Production Laboratory 

      Creating research standard for Non-Food Products’ value added. Producing commercial goods from plants and microorganisms. Providing academic services for farmers and public. Strengthening national Bio-Technology and economic sustainability. 
        More information: (+66) 02-9428600-3 ext. 301-305 


2) Cosmetics and Health Care Technology Laboratory 

      Herb-to-Cosmetics applications in various forms. Skin efficacy testing of cosmetics and products, Sensory testing and customer and market acceptance testing. 
      More information: (+66) 02-9428600-3 ext. 807-808 


3) Enzyme and Microbial Technology Laboratory 

      Producing enzyme for industrial purpose, applied enzyme technology to increase the agricultural and agro-industrial waste and improve industrial production process and wastewater quality by biological method. 
      More information: (+66) 02-9428600-3 ext. 701707 


4) Nondestructive Quality Evaluation Commodities Technology Laboratory 

      Nondestructive Quality Evaluation Technology by using Near Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy for product control and insurance. NIR provides rapid and accurate analysis results. Moreover, NIR also reduces the amount of chemical use and production cost in the long term, matched with the high competition in market nowadays. 
      More information: (+66)02-9428600-3 ext. 501-507 


Commercial Research and Information Management Department, consisting with 3 units as follows: 

1) Commercial Research 

      Market analysis survey and economic evaluation to be managing and developing guideline for creating added value to agricultural and agro-industrial products.
      More information: (+66) 02-9428600-3 ext. 213 


2) Information Technology

      Research and collect information to be a source of agricultural and agro-industrial production and public transmission. As well as applied research using geographic information systems to manage and create added value from biomass. 
      More information: (+66) 02-9428600-3 ext. 213 


3) Cultivation and Transmission 

      Research collaboration with external agencies to build the research network and joint ventures with the private sectors.
      More information: (+66) 02-9428600-3 ext. 213 


Secretary’s Office 

1. Organizational Management and Strategy 

   Correspondence and Human Resource Unit 
    Correspondence and general affair services, personal information and seminar, social security and benefits, legal and knowledge management.
   Strategy and Planning Unit 
    Planning, quality assurance, research management, academic services, intellectual properties, networking, database and evaluation, secretary, annual seminar, and risk management.
   Corporate and International Communications Unit 
    A proactive unit that integrates public relations and image promotion to promote research and transfer of information technology and international affairs, including revenue management for self-efficacy.

2. Treasury and Supplied Works 

   Financial and Accounting Unit 
    Financial management, accounting management, Internal control and developed fund management. 
   Treasury and Building Unit 
    Providing services in purchasing/hiring management, equipment management and registration, assets’ revenue management, building and location management, vehicle service, garden work and maintaining cleanliness and maintenance. 
      More information: (+66) 02-9428600-3 


Special Research Unit (SRU) Network 

    A collaborated center for special research and development between the university and external agencies consisting as follows: 
       – Biomass and Bioenergy Special Research Unit 
       – Health and Cosmetics Product Special Research Unit 
       – Polymer and Composite Technology Special Research Unit 
       More information: (+66)02-9428600-3 


Domestic and International Collaboration Network

       – Cassava and Starch Technology Laboratory, National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC), Thailand 
       – Centre de Cooperation Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Developpement (CIRAD) ประเทศฝรั่งเศส
       – The Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences (JIRCAS), Japan
      More information: (+66)02-9428600-3