Long Name: Kasetsart Agricultural and Agro-Industrial Product Improvement Institute
Short Name: KAPI

Thailand is well known for 1 of less than 10 countries in the world that can produce agricultural products for sale in the world market. However, Thailand’s economic value received from selling these products, in form of raw materials or primary processed products, were still at a lower-than-expected level. Thus, to solve this problem, the government launched a policy to support various agencies in researching and creating personnel who can develop our agricultural and agro-industrial technologies. Kasetsart University, which gathers the staff and researchers who have agricultural-industry knowledge, had many institutes that research and develop Agriculture Production and Food Processing Technology. Nevertheless, there was not an institute that studied value-added research for Non-Food Product. 

Therefore, in 1986, Kasetsart University had started planning to establish the institute to solve the lack of Non-Food Product’s value-added research. Regarding University Bureau Announcement, subject “The Division in Kasetsart University” announced in Royal Gazette No.108, Episode 137, dated August 8, 1991, Kasetsart University Agricultural and Agro-Industrial Product Improvement Institute (KAPI) had been established in July 29, 1991. The main role was to study and develop value-added agricultural and agro-industrial technologies for Non-Food Product. The founder and first KAPI director. Was Prof.Theera Sutabutra, Ph.D. 

Institute Value

K = Knowledge     A = Agility     P = Performance     I = Integrity


Professor Theera Sutabutra, Ph.D.

Former Director (1991-1997)

Assoc.Prof.Wichai Haruethaithanasan

Former Director (1998-2009)

Mrs.Yupa Pankaew

Former Director (2010-2013)

Mrs.Warunee Thanapaa

Former Director (2013-2017)

Miss Maliwan Haruethaithanasan, Ph.D.

Former Director (2017-2020)

Miss Pilanee Waithanomsat, Ph.D.

Former Director (2020-present)


Research and Development

Research and develop technologies and innovations to be the international leader.

Add Value

Extending research results to create commercial value. 

Human Resource Development Support

Bringing knowledge to sustainability supports and develop human resources and our country. 


Leading international research and developing institute that creates knowledge, technology and innovation that adding the commercial value to agricultural products and biomass, raising the quality of Thai farmers’ life and sustainable country development. 


Developing research’s quality and standard continuously to international. Maintaining academic excellence in Non-Food agro-industry to gain recognition and beneficial. 

Main Mission

(1) Research and develop agricultural and agro-industry technology for Non-Food Product.

(2) Provide academic services and pass on the knowledge to expand the research results and technologies to society. 

Side Mission

(3) Support Kasetsart University in academic purpose 

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Kasetsart Agricultural
and Agro-Industrial Product
Improvement Institute