Kasetsart Agricultural and Agro-Industrial Product Improvement Institute, or KAPI, was state agency who aims to create agricultural and agro-industrial processing research and innovation focused on Value Based Products creating the addition income for farmers and enhancing competitive potential for entrepreneurs to gain the market and acceptance from customers according to 2nd State Strategy “Building international competitiveness” and 4th strategy “Poverty solution, reduce inequality and create the inside-out growth.
                 From the pilot project of products’ development and commercialization, such as Acne Jell from mangosteen’s peel extract (sold at 7-11 store by CP All Public Co., Ltd. during 2014 – 2016) or Essence from Betaglucan extract from yeast (sold BY Major Vista Co., Ltd. from 2017 upward). There will be quality checks for our commercial products starting from raw materials, production standard and packaging. Moreover, the response of the cellular level safety test, biological efficacy skin test and formula’s stability test came out better than expected. These will affect our cosmetic and dietary supplement product development to create international trade and product distribution opportunity.
                   Therefore, we are very confident to commercialize other products, especially health and beauty products, under our brand, KAPIOKU.

Related Department

  • – Health Products and Cosmetics Professional Center
  • – Herb and Bioactive Compound Laboratory
  • – Health Products and Cosmetics Laboratory
  • – Enzyme and Microbial Technology Laboratory
  • – Commercial Promotion and Corporate Communications Operation Units
                    Every KAPIOK product, truly natural health products by our institute, has quality and efficiency to increase sustainable formers’ income.
1. Raw material from nature, through analysis and effective bioactive extraction suitable for health and beauty such as Rice protein extract, Silk protein extract and Coffee extract.
2. Certificate of Analysis
3. Building production network of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) that has passed Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) or ISO9001, 22716 etc.
4. Building farmers network, raw material producers, such as jasmine rice, mangosteen, and mango etc., to build careers and increase sustainable income.

KAPIOKU : Origin

          KAPIOK (pronunciation: KA-PI-O-KU) comes from a combination of English abbreviations of our institute name (KAPI) and university (KU). The vowel “O” between KAPI and KU was modified from “@”, which means “at”. So, our brand full name is KAPI @ KU. Our logo has leaf linked from “I”, the last letter of our institute, to “K”, the first letter of university, shows the cooperation between these 2 organizations to create the products from truly “natural”.

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