Bioactive extracts

Active Ingredients that can be created from natural raw materials have been discovered through extensive research by the research team, which has more than ten years of experience. It is a particular active compound with a special quality. When combined Encapsulation, Liposome, Coacervation, and Electrolyte technology can be used to create new and unique features, particularly the delivery system and controlling the release of substances utilized in the necessary amounts to provide desired effects. 

Natural Active Ingredients

HI-Antho PCC
Purple Corn Extract : Anthocyanin

INCI Name : Zea Mays Kernel Extract

The extract from purple hybrid corn KPSC 903 is a naturally produced purple pigment that is extremely rich in anthocyanins made by clean technologies throughout the extraction process. Without the use of chemicals for extracts that are rich in Anthocyanins and secure for customers. 

Mangosteen Extract

INCI name : Garcinia mangostana peel Extract

Mangosteen has been named “Queen of Fruit”. Mangosteen’s peel is the leftover useful products from agricultural sector. When having a very secure and effective extraction process, mangosteen peel extract has the ability to effectively destroy germs as well as antioxidants when used as an active component in cosmetics.  

Fibroin Hydrolysate

INCI name : Fibroin Hydrolysate

Cocoon protein that has been broken down into free amino acids is called phobroin hydrolyzate. Possessed moisturizing qualities that shielded hair from harm and the skin from UV radiation. It covers the hair like a film and keeps hair hydrated and shining for longer. Apart from that the cosmetics sector is applicable to many businesses as well such as beverages, protein jelly, synthetic fiber coating to make it seem silky.  Utilized as a film support to cover or coat the enzyme to increase its stability. 

Sericin Hydrolysate

INCI name : Sericin

Based to the cocoon’s worth, natural protein fiber source, we used enzyme technology to turn the leftover cocoon from the silk threading process into Sericin or Silk Glue Protein. Sericin is a protein composed of 18 amino acids that are similar to those found in human’s skin, nails and hair. It also gives the skin hydration and is able to effectively absorb and protect against UV. Containing qualities as an antioxidant and some microorganisms and accelerate the healing of wounds. 

Rice Bran Protein Hydrolysate

INCI Name: Hydrolyzed Rice Bran Protein

Rice Bran is a valuable source of nutrition, rich in minerals, dietary fiber, vitamin B complex, and protein including phenolic compounds Gamma-Oryzanol Photosterol. Therefore, white jasmine rice bran protein hydrolysate has strong water solubility qualities and is rich in phenolic compounds with antioxidants. 

Rice Bran Albumin Extract

INCI Name : Rice Bran Extract

Numerous essential nutrients, including dietary fiber, protein, several B vitamins, and phenolic compounds, can be found in rice bran. When protein is extracted from rice bran with water, it retains its natural form and dissolves easily in the liquid, simple to use. There is nutritional benefit to the resulting protein extract. offers antioxidant abilities the ability to promote collagen synthesis and the ability to delay the aging process. 


INCI name : Hydrolyzed Rice Bran Protein

Hydrolyzed protein from purple rice bran extracted through enzyme technology from rice bran that was left over from the oil pressing process and to be an element of recipes for cosmetics. Purple rice bran’s protein hydrolysate has a high and good antioxidant value assisting in encouraging the production of collagen and gives the skin hydration. 

Mango Seed Kernel Extract

INCI name : Mangifera indica Seed Extract

Mango seeds are a waste byproduct from agriculture that is taken out during processing. It was discovered that the pulp of mango seeds is rich in Phenolic compounds that have antioxidant effects. This is applicable to the cosmetics business to decrease the skin’s production of melanin pigment and brighten skin tone. 

Mango Seed Oil

INCI name : Mangifera indica L. Seed Oil

Mango oil is produced through extracting oil from leftover mango seeds from Thai factories. Acting as a moisture-retaining agent, mango oil prevents the skin from losing water, assists in hydrating the skin, firming, and delaying the appearance of wrinkles in cosmetics production. 

Purified Bromelain

INCI name : Bromelain

Only pineapples contain the protein-digesting enzyme, Bromelain. They are spread throughout the pineapple, including the pith, core, peel, flesh, and underground stem. After the purification process, the enzyme will be purified bromelain and can be applied for medical purposes to help shield cartilage tissue and fight inflammation or, for cosmetics industry, assist in boosting the skin’s immune system and encouraging the skin’s natural elimination of dead skin cells. 

Crude Bromelain

INCI Name : Bromelain

Only pineapples contain the protein-digesting enzyme, Bromelain. They are spread throughout the pineapple, including the pith, core, peel, flesh, and underground stem. After going through a partial purification process, It becomes crude bromelain enzyme, which is utilized in the cosmetics industry to clean the skin, helps the skin’s dead cells to be removed.  Additionally, it assists in brightening the skin’s appearance. 

Coffea seed Extract

INCI name : Propylene Glycol (and) Aqua (and) Coffea Arabica (Coffea) Seed Extract (and) Sodium Benzoate (and) Potassium Sorbate

Coffee grounds leftover from coffee cafes are used to make Coffee Bean Extract extracted by ethanol. Provides excellent coffee bean extracts, caffeine and chlorogenic acid, that help prevent wrinkles and acne while also lifting and tightening the skin. Helps to balance and brighten skin tone and gives the skin back its elasticity. It also assists in reducing edema and effectively shields against UV radiation damage. 

Coffea Arabica seed oil

INCI name : Coffed Arabica seed oil

Coffee grounds leftover from coffee cafes are used to make Coffee Bean Oil added value during the extraction process by the Supercritical Fluid Extraction Method (SFE) for using  in cosmetic formular.  

Encapsulated Bio-Ingredients


INCI name : Hydrolyzed Sericin (and) Soybean Phosphatidylcholine (and) Polysorbate 80 (and) Deoxycholic acid

Liposome Hydrolyzed Sericin, It introduces the ability to store substances in particles the size of nanometers to preserve significant materials, Sericin Hydrolysate, which is a protein that the sericin glue has broken down into free amino acids. Substances will become more stable if they are retained in small particles and unable to penetrate the interior skin. Furthermore, it doesn’t cause allergies or skin irritation, nor is it harmful. The hydrolyzed sericin in liposomes produces moisturizing effects on the skin and provides UV light protection capabilities. 

Nano Capsule coffee

INCI name : Poly (lactic acid), coffee seed oil

The reverse-phase oil-in-water emulsion method was utilized to create nano capsules that contained both oil and coffee grounds extract, with poly-L-lentic acid (PLLA) technique. Nano capsules are polymer capsules surrounded by a water or oil core. For this reason, cosmetics use nano capsules. To preserve the active substances, reduce smells, and get rid of formula component incompatibilities. This supports the mechanism that delivers chemicals to the skin cells precisely as intended. It also contains high quantities of fatty acids and caffeine. 


INCI name : Oryza sativa Linn Protein hydrolysate and Oil & Polysorbate 60 & Cholesterol

Rice Bran Protein NeoSome is made from rice bran oil and protein hydrolysate that is kept in little pouches created using a nanotechnology known as “Neosome” to assist in optimizing the skin’s absorption of vital fatty and amino acids. This will support the collagen and elastin fibers’ strengthening. Consequently, the skin will be able to hold on moisture longer and wrinkles will appear slower. 


INCI name : Water& Polysorbate-60 & Cholesterol & Mango Protein hydrolysate & Sodium Potassium Benzoate & Mango oil

Neosome Mango is made of protein hydrolysate extract and mango oil, which are kept in tiny bags developed with Neosome nanotechnology to improve and accelerate the transport of critical chemicals into target cells. This will increase the effectiveness of fatty acid and amino acid delivery. does not irritate and helps in maintaining good condition.